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Sales - Modifying Lines

Sales - Modifying Lines

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Sales - Modifying Lines

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Transaction lines can be modified in several ways.


Deleting a single line – Highlight a line and press the [Del] key

Delete all lines – Select Delete and confirm Yes to Delete all lines (on Estimates & Sales Orders it will save it – Delete in Recall screen)

Changing the Quantity – Either use the Edit mode (see below) or you can highlight the Quantity cell, either by: a).Clicking on the Qty cell, b).Arrowing up to the line and press [Tab] twice, or c).Select the Edit option and change the Qty field

Using the Edit mode - Highlight a line you wish to edit (if it is the last line you do not need to select it), then select Edit. The edit screen should be displayed

oIn the Edit screen you can edit the details. Note the Code field is the Cost price without the decimal place incase the customer is watching (If cost allowed)

oSelect Details to show Cost, Profit and Margin on the current line and total transaction (if cost allowed)

oSelect Check Stores to see if the item is in any other Stores or Price books.  and even sell it from there

oThere are 3 ways to exit the Edit screen:

Supply - If you want to enter the line and it is NOT a customer order

Customer Order - If you want to customer order. You can select Special Order (Retail) or Back Order on the edit screen, default set in Settings.

Cancel – To abort any changes

oThe Edit screen comes up automatically if you enter an number that does not exist, or if the Settings are set so it comes up every time, or just if in-sufficient quantity

Creating a blank line or Entering your own details – Press the Space key or a unique key such as ‘,’. This should bring up the Edit screen. Enter details or leave empty for a blank line


Tip 1 A quick way to change the Qty is to use the Up arrow to highlight the line and press the [Tab] key twice (The quantity will then be selected) and then just type the new qty and press the [Enter] key.

Tip 2 - A quick way to select Edit is to just press [Enter] to highlight the left Menu, arrow down to Edit and press [Enter] again