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Sales - Receiving Payments

Sales - Receiving Payments

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Sales - Receiving Payments

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When a customer is paying for Invoices that were ‘on account’, or if you are receiving money before you have produced an Invoice (known as a Pre-payment) you will need to enter a ‘Payment Received’


Note: You can also create ‘Lay-bys’ where ‘Pre-Payments’ are linked to a Sales Order (or Sales contract). See ‘Sales – Estimates & Sales orders’.


To enter a Payment received

Select Contacts and select the appropriate customer

Select Payments (This will show any credits or invoices owing)

Confirm the ‘Payment Method’ (The system should remember the normal payment method for that customer)

If entering a Pre-Payment select Pre-Payment and enter the amount

To allocate Invoices or Credits to pay click the line or highlight the line and press the space bar

If there is settlement discount allowed on an invoice or there is a small difference that you want to discount you can select Edit/Disc and enter a discount. Note Settlement discount does not reduce the tax payable so if you are allowing a large discount you may prefer to create a new sales credit note (negative sales invoice with negative tax) on account and then include this in the allocation.

If you have Credits and Invoices we can allocate the Credits against the Invoices. If the allocated Total is a negative amount the system will prompt to create a new credit for the balance. If the amount is negative and you are paying this amount back to the customer make sure the payment method is correct and answer ‘No’ to ‘Create Credit’. If the amount is zero or you answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Create Credit’ the payment method does really matter but we would normally select the Contra so we do not get zero records coming up in Cash etc.