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Sales - Selling Units

Sales - Selling Units

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Sales - Selling Units

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A Unit can be a Car, Bike, Boat, Trailer or any other item that needs details recorded such as VIN, HIN Serial Numbers etc. Unit sales often need to take Trade-ins and cater for multiple methods of payment.


There are two different ways to sell a unit:

oEnter the stock item Lookup Number for the unit eg: ‘.NCBR600RED’ or ‘.UCBR600-999999’, if a New unit there could be multiple units in stock so it automatically brings up the Allocation form for that model so you can select the exact unit you are selling (see below).

oFrom the ‘Department selection box select New Unit or Used Unit.  This will bring up the ‘Allocation’ screen (a list of all new or used units available for sale).

When the Allocation screen is displayed you can allocate the specific unit you wish to sell. A new unit need not be allocated if selected by Part No and if creating an Estimate or Sales order (select ‘Skip’ on the Allocation screen). Units must be allocated before creating the final invoice. To allocate or change a unit later highlight the line, select Edit, then Change Unit  

The system will then ask if there is a Trade-in (where the customer wishes to trade in his existing unit) – See Items – Purchasing a Used Unit for more details. Note: If taking more than one Trade-in select: ‘Options’, ‘Trade-In’.

When everything has been entered select Finish (If a contact name has not been set it prompt for one in ‘Contacts’).

On the Finish screen you can select ‘Estimate’ if you just want to give a quote, or ‘Sales Order’ if you want to reserve the unit and take a deposit but still leave the transaction open for change, or  ‘Invoice’ when you are ready to invoice

When you Invoice select the Method of payment(s). If you have previously taken payments on a sales order or a Pre-Payment at least that amount should be entered as an Account payment. If for example you are taking a deposit of 500.00 Visa from the customer with a balance payable by the finance company type 500.00 and select Visa as the first payment, then put the finance company’s name against the second payment and select Account


Tip – Unit Lookup numbers are created automatically. New unit Lookup numbers are normally formatted:  ‘.NCBR600RED’ (.N(Model)). Used Units are normally: ‘.UCBR600-222333 (.U(Model)-(StockNo).