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Correcting Mistakes

Correcting Mistakes

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Correcting Mistakes

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There are legal restrictions on changing an invoice once it has been finalised for obvious reasons. So we normally only allow direct editing of a finalised invoice that would not effect financial integrity. This also helps prevent your business and your customers possessing copies of the same invoices with conflicting figures on them.

You could alternatively create an Estimate or Sales Order which allows you to go back into and make changes at any time. You can change the Heading on the top of the document for example change to 'Pro-Forma Invoice'. When you are ready you can finalise it as an Invoice.

There are still certain elements of an invoice you can change . See Accounts >> Sales and Accounts >> Sales >> Sales lines. And also in Accounts >> Maintenance.

However, it is often better to reverse what has been done and, if need be, redo again with the correct info. This will also gives us an audit trail so we can fully track what has been done.


Credit a single line

If a customer purchases several items and then returns one of the items at a later stage, it is normally easier to just credit what they are returning rather than the entire sale.

To do this, simply enter or scan the part number on the Sales screen and edit the quantity to a minus figure representing the amount they are returning. For example, if they are returning 3 batteries, you would change the quantity to -3. You then finish the transaction, select the original method of payment and return the currency to the customer.


Credit a Previous Sale

In cases other than the above it is normally easier to Credit the sale and then start again (or Import details from the original invoice as below). See Credit a Previous Sale

To save time when re-invoicing the items, go to Sales >> Options >> Import details from a previous sale then input the original invoice number to quickly recall the same items codes for easy editing. After which, you can invoice the sale as normal.

Note on Jobs: If crediting a Workshop Job it will ask if we want to Book the Job back in, if we are re-invoicing we would normally answer Yes. If re-invoicing a Job and there were parts booked to it, we would use Options / Import from Prev sale rather than recalling the Job so the parts will be there as well.  


Wrong Payment Method

If you want to keep a full track on a customers history you can Credit by selecting Sales / Options / Credit a Previous Sale and then re-invoice by selecting: Sales / Options / Import details from a previous sale and adjust as required

If full tracking is not required you can just create a Journal from the payment method account that was incorrectly specified to the correct Payment method account

Alternatively you can enter a negative Pre-Payment for the wrong payment method, and enter a positive Pre-Payment for the correct Payment Method. This is better if the payment method includes contras such as Direct Deposits or Supplier Accounts.  


Wrong Customer

If it is an Invoice, you can select Accounts, then Maintenance and select the Change Contact option.

If it was entered on a Payment Received or a Pre-payment you can reverse by entering a Pre-Payment with a negative amount and then add another Pre-Payment for the correct Payment Method as a positive amount.  

If you have 2 contact records for the same customer you can also use the Merge Contact option. Then on the Contact record we do not want we can either prefix the name with ZZ so it wont show up so much, or mark it an In-Active, or Delete the record.


Wrong Salesperson

Note: Salesperson is different to Operator on an Invoice.  An operator is allocated to whole Invoice. The Sales person is set as the current operator initially but it can be changed on one or all line on the Sales screen when required. You can change the Sales person on any Line of an invoice by selecting Accounts >> Sales and Accounts >> Sales >> Sales lines, then search for the invoice and edit the Sales Person on the appropriate line