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Sales Orders / Lay-bys

Sales Orders / Lay-bys

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Sales Orders / Lay-bys

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A Sales Order is used as a way to allocate stock without producing an invoice. It is also known as a Lay-by, Delivery note or Picking List.

Lay-bys are similar to Sales orders in that goods are requested by the customer to be paid for and collected at a later date. However, with lay-bys a deposit is normally paid by the customer.

A transaction is set as a Sales Orders by selecting Sales Orders from the left menu in the Finish screen.

A Sales order can be recalled and changes as many times as you like. This is useful if we are not ready to invoice or if some items may need to be added / back-ordered and invoiced at a later stage.

Sales Order can be recalled by selecting ’from the left menu in the main Sales screen, and then select the Sales Orders option.

You can receive money against a sales order in the Finish screen for Sales Orders. This should should what has previously been paid against this sales order and you can enter additional payments. When the customer has paid the total amount the system will prompt if you want it to automatically convert it to an Invoice. If you manually convert it to an invoice you will need to leave any amounts pre-paid on account. If in doubt put it all on account and sort the money out in Payments received.

To manually convert to an invoice, recall the sales order, select Finish and then select Invoice from the left menu.

You can set a Re-occurring Sales Transactions

You can change the name for Sales Orders in Settings (eg: to Lay-bys).