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Sales Payments

Sales Payments

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Sales Payments

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We can take Sales Payments in a number of ways:

Take Pre-Payments from a customer (Payments Received screen)

Take Payments at the time of producing the Invoice (Sales Finish / Invoice screen)

Take Payments against a Sales Order eg: Lay-by (Sales Finish / Sales Order screen)

Take Payments for outstanding Invoices and credits (Payments Received screen)

Also see Accounts / Sales / Payment Methods

Taking a Pre-Payment

Pre-Payments are when you are receiving money when you are not creating a Sales Invoice or paying off an outstanding Account. We must always record when we take money and this is a common option when we are not yet ready to invoice the customer or the operator is unsure if the invoice has been created or how it should be created.

Pre-Payments are entered in the Payments Received screen.

Select Contacts from the top menu and elect the appropriate customer

Select Payments from the left menu

Select Pre-Payment from the left menu

Select the Payment Method and the amount received

You can also access Payments Received from Accounts / Sales / Payments Received.


Taking a Payment against a Sales Order

This is basically the same as a Pre-payment except the payment is linked to the Sales Order.

Please see Sales / Finish / Sales Order for more information


Taking a Payment against an outstanding Account

This is when a customer has outstanding account invoices and / or Credits and they want to make a payment against them

Select Contacts from the top menu and elect the appropriate customer

Select Payments from the left menu. The screen will show all outstanding Account Invoices and Credits

Tick the Invoices and / or Credits you want to pay

Select the Payment Method

Select a Save option (Save&Print or SaveNoPrint)


Negative Balances

Negative balances can cause confusion. The system will normally warn if the end amount is negative and explain the options of what to do.

For example, if we enter a pre payment of £250 the system credits the account for £-250. We then do an invoice for £200 on Account. If we go into Payments we see the Credit for £-250 and the invoice for £200 giving a Balance of £-50 credit. If will allocate both items the balance is of £-50. If we select a Payment Method of Cash it will assume we are paying the credit back to the customer by Cash. To correct it just create a prepayment for that amount. This is correct but it is not very intuitive for users.