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System Settings - Sales

System Settings - Sales

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System Settings - Sales

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Sales Defaults



Invoice Heading

Usually set to INVOICE, or TAX INVOICE. This determines the heading on your printed Invoices.

Credit Heading

Usually set to CREDIT NOTE or TAX CREDIT NOTE. This determines the heading on your Credit Notes.

Sales Order Heading

Usually set to SALES ORDER or LAY-BY. This determines the the printed heading.

Estimate Heading

Usually set to ESTIMATE or QUOTATION. This determines the the printed heading.

Pre Payment Heading

Usually set to TEMPCREDIT or PRE-PAYMENT. This determines the printed heading.

Default Discount Reason

Sets the default reason wording for sales discounts.

Default Sales Edit Price

When editing a price on the Sales screen, you can select if this edit is an adjustment of the Net price, or appears as a discount. This setting sets the default option.

Default Sales Edit Grids

Sets how much information is shown in the Sales Edit screen.

Stores - Shows the different Stores available for the selected item.

Trans - Show previous transactions for the item.

Details - Shows a breakdown of the cost, sell price profit, margin and weight for the single line and the full transaction.

Sales Qty Prompting

Determines how the system prompts you to enter a quantity after entering an item on the Sales screen.

On Edit Screen - The Sales Edit box appears with the quantity highlighted.

On Sales Grid - The qty is highlighted in the Qty column in the Sales grid.

Default Sales Finish

Set the default payment selection option on the finish screen.

Select Payment - The default setting; select which payment type you want to use after producing an invoice.

Account with prompt - Automatically selects ACCOUNT as a payment method and pops up a message to inform you.

Account no prompt - Same as Account with prompt, but without the pop up message.

Item Details Format

Select how much detail you want to display in the Item Details section of the Sales Edit window.

Shipping Part No

The default part number used for invoicing for shipping fees.

Unit Inv Option

Switch on/off a prompt to schedule a service reminder when you invoice a Unit.

Job Inv Option

Switch on/off a prompt to schedule a service reminder when you invoice a Job.


Configuring Sales Departments is a really useful way of seeing how the different areas of your business are performing. You can produce different reports based on each department to see where your best, or worst profit centres are within the company.

Setting up a new department

There are nine departments available to configure in the system settings. Go to Settings >> System >> Sales to find the list of current departments.

You can rename them by clicking Edit on the left hand menu, then simply typing the new name over the existing one and click Save to finalise the changes.

Suggested departments

Department Number

Suggested Name

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

You can set these to any name you need for your business. For instance, CLOTHING, PARTS, WEB STORE etc.


We recommend using this as the HIRES department. If you don't Hire Units, it can be whatever you like.


The default name is REPAIRS and is used when invoicing jobs


Department 8 is used for invoicing USED UNITS.


Department 9 is used for invoicing NEW UNITS.

Payment Methods

The payment method settings define what payments you can take when finishing Sales. You can find more information about how and when to use them in the Finishing a transaction topic, or find out even more detail in the Payment Methods explained topic.

Column Name



The unique identifier for the individual payment method.


The name of the payment method.

Display Order

Allows you to define which order the payment methods appear on the Finish Screen.

Note: CONTRA and TRADE-IN should be left at a Display Order of 0 as they are not required to be visible as manual payment methods.

Nominal Code

This setting defines which nominal code the payments are registered under.


Selected payment method will only be available to use if Active is ticked.

Is Account

This tick box defines which Payment Method is linked to contact accounts. By default, this is ID 1, ACCOUNT, set with a nominal code 01-07-01 (Debtors nominal).


If the display box is ticked next to a payment method, it will be available to select on the Sales > Finish screen.