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General - Item Setup

General - Item Setup

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General - Item Setup

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Evopos can normally automatically Create Categories, Products and Pictures in the Web-Store.

It can also normally update Stock Quantities (and other information) of items already in the Web-Store

Before you use Evopos to create new items on the Web Store:

Ensure the Part No is unique (and if already in the Web site ensure it matches)

Ensure there is a long description in the ‘Catalogue Description’ field

Ensure there is at least one Picture in the ‘General’ tab

Ensure the Price is correct (on some site we can specify which Price field to use). Otherwise it will use the Sell price or the User Defined PriceA field under the ‘Inventory’ tab (You can set the name for this field in Settings. You can also change the price automatically in Items > Stock > Maintenance > Change price by formula). If PriceA is lower than the standard Sell price then on some sites it will show the higher price crossed out and the amount and % they have saved.

Ensure the ‘Category’ and ‘Brand’ is set in Items > Stock

Ensure the appropriate ‘Main Group’ and ‘Sub Group’ is set for each Category in Items > Categories (See information on navigation below)

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Specials’ section you should have the ‘Special’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

If you want the item to appear in the ‘Clearance’ section you should have the ‘Clearance’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab

Ensure the ‘Web-Store’ option ticked in Items > Stock under the ‘Inventory’ tab. Note you can set if new items should have this ticked by default in Settings / System. You can also set this flag by various criteria in Items / Stock / Maintenance.


Using Groups and Categories for Product Navigation

The success of a web-store can depend on how quickly and intuitively a customer can find a product he is interested in. So a lot depends on how well the Groups and Categories have been setup to enable items to appear under the most logical headings.

Evopos has a maximum of 3 Levels: Main Group, Sub Group, and Category.

Speed can be important and if you use all main groups and sub groups it takes 3 clicks to select 1-Main Group , then 2-Sub Group, then 3-Category which would then show the items for that Category (eg: Clothing > Gloves > MX Gloves). This is normally needed when you have a lot of items.

However you can have less Levels, for example you may want to have Used Bikes on the main menu and just have 1 click it to show all the used bikes.   To set this up in Evopos we have made it so if you have a Main Group where there is only one Sub Group, it will not show the Main group but the Sub group, and if there was only one Category for that Sub group it would not show the Sub group but just show the Category. So, for example, if you wanted ‘Used Bikes’ to be one click away you would set Main group Sub group and Category all to ‘Used Bikes’. Like-wise if you wanted a Category to be 2 clicks (eg: Clothing > Boots) so you would call the Sub Group and Category the same name.

To set up different levels:

1 Level: Name Main Group and Sub Group the same at the Category eg. Clothing\Clothing\Clothing

2 Level: Name Main group and sub group the same eg. Clothing\Clothing\T Shirts

3 Level: All unique names eg. Clothing\Accessories\Sunglasses

Some businesses prefer to have gender specific Main Groups or Sub Groups, for example 'Ladies Clothing', 'Mens Clothing', etc. as this allows quicker access (less clicks) on the Web Site

Using Variances

Evopos has a feature called 'Variants' (often known as a Fashion Matrix).

This allows you to have one entry for things like a design of Tee shirt, or model of Helmet, Boot, Glove etc. and then give you a drop down option eg: for Size.  You can also have a second Drop-down eg: for Colour

Variants only currently update to the following e-Commerce sites:

Evopos eCommerce (One of our own web solutions)


Note: Magento has the same feature called configurable products, however this is not part of our integration yet, Evopos will only update and create standard items on Magento.

Other options of Sizing

In addition to Variants, you can use 'Actions', Actions can have a wide range of options including Kits, Similar Products, Tag along items.

In regards to the sizing of Units (eg: bicycles) you would have to display them individually. Or you could set them up as Standard Items and use Variants. We could also set an 'Action to prompt for the Serial Number when being sold.