Evopos Help - 2.09.068

Settings - General

Settings - General

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Settings - General

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Evopos has many different settings that effect how the program behaves and looks.  Settings can be viewed or changed if you have the appropriate security rights by selecting Settings on the top menu.

Each operator is allocated a security level which controls what they can see or change.  If the ‘Settings’ option is not on the top menu it means the current operator does not have the security level to access it.

On a new installation you will normally need to check the following:

System / General - Make sure your region settings are correct.

System / Sales - Make sure your tax rates are correct.

Divisions – This is where you enter your company details that will appear on invoices etc. If you have more than 1 computer save the graphic Logo files in the same location on each computer

Workstations - On the ‘Sales’ sub tab. Make sure the default Division and Department are set. On the ‘Login’ tab ensure the default Operator is set. On the ‘Printing’ sub tab and confirm the printers and forms you wish to use on that workstation. Repeat on other Workstations

Operators - Ensure there are entries for all staff

Tip – You can have different security levels which controls what the user can sees and do. You would set a security level for each operator. You can customise or add new security levels if required.