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Sales Options

Sales Options

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Sales Options

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Sales Screen Defaults



Default Sales Type

Set to Invoice, Sales Order or Estimate

Default Department

Set to the default Department for this workstation

Default Store

Old setting - Now can set default store for each Division

Default Division

Set to the default Division for this workstation - Can change by pressing Alt+F2

Default Recall Screen

Normally Held unless commonly recalling Sales Orders

Default Discount

Sets the default percentage when selecting Discount in Sales

Drawer No

Set the Cash Drawer number to use for this workstation

Prompt for Contact at start of each transaction

Will put the cursor on the Inv To name at the start of each new transaction. Press Tab to go to Part No

Prompt for Department at start of each transaction

Incase needed

Bring up edit screen always

Enables you to confirm the Qty and select options each time in the Line Edit screen.

Bring up edit screen if insufficient stock

Only brings up the Line Edit screen when no stock. Note: Can also set specific stock items to prompt for Qty

Show backorders on invoice (No Prices)

Some businesses like to show the items they have backorders and not supplied on the original order

Cust Order Default - Special Order (Else Back-order)

Special Orders are invoiced when you take the order, Back Orders and invoiced when supplied

Cust order default - Deliver Direct

This enables Drop Shipping for suppliers who offer it.

Customer Video Display

Evopos has the option to have a screen facing the customer. This can be useful for security reasons as the customer sees what is being rung up and also for promotions that can be displayed. There are a few pre-set styles but please contact customer services if you require something specific.




Several pre-set styles and colours. More to come

Top Message

Text to go in the top message

Default Web URL

HTML page to display when not displaying a specific offer page

Bottom Message

Text to go in bottom message when not displaying a progress message


Position of the second screen


Size in pixels of the 2nd screen eg: 800x600px

Fields to be displayed on Main Sales Screen

This enables you to set what fields are displayed on the Sales screen. Note: This is just on the screen and is different to what is displayed on the actual printed sales transaction which is controlled by the Form format.

EPC Import Options

These enable you to automatically enter sales lines from a file. The file can be created from an EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue - Fiche).

Please see the EPC instructions for how to setup and perform the Export option. You will need to know the name and location of the file it creates.  You can set up to 4 File Names and Formats on each workstation. We can add more if you have a make we do not yet cover.

The File is the folder and file name where the EPC or other program puts the file.

The Format is for each format (different delimiter etc) and column order of the file

For more information see: Electronic Parts Catalogues

For information on how to process see: Importing from File / EPC