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SMS Text Messaging

SMS Text Messaging

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SMS Text Messaging

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You can send SMS Text messages from many parts of Evopos.

If you have not already got an SMS Account Evopos Customer Service can give you an Account ID and Passcode.

You would set this in Settings / System / Comms. You can also see here how many credits you have available.

Text credits can be purchased from Evopos Customer Service. We bulk buy the message credits so they are normally much cheaper than sending from your mobile phone.

You can bulk send text messages, for example to all your VIP customers to invite them to a special event.

Or you can simply text a customer from their Contacts screen by clicking on the Mobile button next to the mobile number  

You can set to automatically send Notifications for various situations. You can set the default action and message template in Settings / System / Comms.

See Notifications for general information on sending email and SMS notifications