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Stock Labels

Stock Labels

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Stock Labels

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Having a Bar-code label on an item can make it much quicker to sell or look up. It can also include pricing information, Company name (security), and other details such as Bin Location.

On other systems, the downside is that it takes time deciding which items need which type of label or even no label. Evopos has some unique features to setup and automate the production of labels.

Each stock item can have a default label format set to it:

Some items you want priced (items on display)

Some items you do not want priced (not on display), then no need to change when the price changes

Some items you do not want priced (not on display) and it already come with a Bar-code (so it waste labels)

Some items are Customer ordered so you want it to do a label with the customers name and phone number

We can set the label format individually on the Stock items record. We can also set for a whole section of of stock (All, Brand, Category, etc) by selecting Stock , Maintenance, Change Label.

Labels would normally be printed automatically when receiving stock.

To receive stock select: Items / Purchase orders, select the order being received. The system will then bring up all outstanding items for that supplier or the order numbers of the purchase orders. and then set the Receive Quantity (Use the Auto-Rcve option to set / un-set all). Then and the system will automatically put into stock, produce a goods received note and produce labels depending on the Label format setting or if it is a Customer Order.

We have different formats for different sizes and different bar-code label printers.

To set the Label printer see: Settings/ Workstation / Print Defaults / Label printer.

Bar-codes are normally printed with a Code39 format (which can handle both numbers and letters). You may find Code39 bar-codes for part numbers longer than 12 digits may not fit onto your label.

See our Technical Bulletins on Stock Labels and Bar-Coding