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Stores are our general name for our stock tables and supplier price book tables.

They can be 'Local' to the main database or 'Remote' connecting to a different Evopos database.

You can have multiple Stock stores, eg: for Main store, Warehouse, Vans etc. We would normally maintain stock levels on items in these stores.

You can have multiple Price Book stores for different suppliers and manufacturers. We normally use these Price Book stores for looking up prices and special ordering items for customers that we do not normally stock.

Creating a new Store

To create a new store select New on the left hand menu.

You will be prompted to enter a Name and select what type of Store

The different Types of store are:

Price Book - Local

Price Book - Remote (Will need to add connection details)

Store - Local

Store - Local - Copy (This is same as above but will prompt for another Store to copy the items from)

Store - Remote  (Will need to add connection details)


Editing Store Details

To edit, select the appropriate Store and select Edit from the left menu. Refer to the following table for information regarding the various options.

Stores Setting



The name of the selected Store.

By default, your main stock store is called MAIN STORE. You should avoid editing this store.

Default Category

On Stock stores, whenever you create a new stock item, the items category will default to this choice. This should be left blank if you don't want new stock items to have a default category.

On Price Books, the selected category will be assigned to a customer order item when:

A) The item is found within the price file.

B) The item is selected to be ordered from this price file.

C) The item does not have a category set in Items >> Price Books.

This is especially useful if you have a default supplier set on the category, as when you create the customer order, the supplier will automatically be selected when confirming it.

Store Details

A  notes field for the store. You can edit this freely.

By default, the created date is added to these notes on stock stores, and the prefix of the last imported file is entered for price books.

Show on Sales/Edit

Enable this to show the store in the drop down field and the Edit window on the Sales screen.

Auto Search on Sales/Edit

Enable this to search the store in the Sales search and the sales Edit windows.

Connect and Count

Click this to see how many items are listed in the store.

Connection Details

Server: The Global IP address (or computer name if local) where the database is accessed.

Instance: Usually bbs or Evopos.

DataBase: Usually BBSMain or EvoposMain, but could be named to reflect the branch you are connecting to.

Data Table: Usually STORE1 for remote stores

Database User: usually sa

Database Passcode: Usually bbs1955