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The History of iExpert

The History of iExpert

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The History of iExpert

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Instant Expert was originally created in 1983 in a porta-cabin at the back of a motorcycle shop. It was then called Biketech Data Manager and initially covered 350 motorcycle model families. It was produced as printed sheets in an A4 ring binder and by 1985 nearly every motorcycle dealership had bought one.

New model families were supplied as new sheets that could be slotted into the appropriate order and amendments were supplied on big sheets of adhesive paper that would need to be cut out with scissors and stuck in the appropriate places (Now that was a pain!).

In 1986 a computerised version was created as part of the original Evopos system (a DOS based system called Biketech Business Manager). This was very popular but it was just too time consuming and expensive to keep updated. Many thousands of hours were spent researching and updating data by our team and a small dedicated group of users.

In 2012 Evopos have launched a new community version of Instant Expert using the very latest technologies and some exciting new concepts.