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Touch Login

Touch Login

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Touch Login

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Normally the system is setup to prompt the user to Log In at the start of the day and/or after each sale.

Each operator is allocated a pass-code. You do not need to select a user name, just enter the pass-code on it's own and the system will work out who it belongs to. Note, this is an example of one of the unique ways that Evopos can work to save you time and data entry.

Logging In enables the following:

Commission systems to be run

Auto Holding of sales transactions so other operators make sales in-between

Sales allocated to the appropriate operator

Log of time worked

Internal messaging


You can set operators to:

Have a specific commission scheme (can be based on combination of sales (4 steps), product overrides, and hourly rates)

Record all logins

Record just main logins

Various Notifications (see Settings)