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Touch Options

Touch Options

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Touch Options

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Any option not listed on the main sales screen will be in here.

The screen will often be different depending on the operator security level.

Recent Sales

This will by default show the sales for that day for the current operator. If the operator has a high security level such as a Manager then they will be able to show for different operators.

In this section there are options for:

Void - This will create a credit for a selected sale. You can reverse a Void by voiding the Credit. The system does not allow the deletion of tax invoices due to legal requirements.

Re-print - This will re-print the selected transaction

Split - This enables you to split the sale between two or more operators. You can split by percentage or set amounts.


Cash Out

This is for when you pay cash out of the Cash Draw for things like the Window cleaner, Fuel, or emergency purchase of stock