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Touch Settings

Touch Settings

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Touch Settings

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You can set a wide range of settings by selecting Options and then Settings (Subject to operator  security level)

This is split up into the following sections (Tabs)


Connection details and common options from within Touch


Business name, address, contact details, tax number and Logos


Where each form is printed, the format of each form, and the number of copies


Set if and how to notify manager(s) on various triggers. You can set the system up so an SMS text message or email is sent any number of Emails or  mobile phone numbers (eg: to the Manager)

When the store is first opened (The first operator to Login on that Day)

When each operator first arrives (The first time each operator Logs in on that Day)

When an operator is late starting

for a break Prompt for a reason if late

Prompt for a reason if an extra long break is taken