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Touch Setup

Touch Setup

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Touch Setup

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This is very similar to Evopos Desktop. See the General section above for more information.



You can set a wide range of settings by selecting Options and then Settings (Subject to operator  security level)

This is split up into the following sections (Tabs)

General - Connection details and common options from within Touch

Business - Business name, address, contact details, tax number and Logos

Printing - Where each form is printed, the format of each form, and the number of copies

Notifications - Set if and how to notify manager(s) on various triggers



You can create new items at any stage by selecting Items from the main Sales screen. To create a new stock item you would normally search for that part number (checks that it not already entered), and if not found the system will prompt to create.

If you are using the HQ module then you would normally create and maintain stock items on the HQ database and then the the HQ Update would upload them to the independant Branches.