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TSC Label Printers

TSC Label Printers

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TSC Label Printers

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The TSC TDP range of printers are good quality thermal bar-code label printers that takes standard label rolls. (Note: Standard label rolls makes them better value in the long run over the cheaper label printers that take proprietary labels).

The TSC TDP 225 can take labels 2" wide (56mm)

Ensure you have the latest Printer Driver Setup program

As at Oct 2015 the version was TSC_7.3.7_M0.exe

Use the CD that came with the Printer (Or download as below which may be later).

Download from the manufacturer at: http://tscprinters.com (Select Support / Downloads / Drivers)

Download from our Evopos Portal at: http://evopos.com (Login, then select Portal / Downloads)


To Install and Setup Printer

Use the Driver setup program to install the driver (Avoid using Windows to auto install a driver)

Ensure a roll of labels is loaded into the printer (Labels go face up)

Connect the USB cable from the Printer to the PC, connect the Power to the printer, and switch on

Run the Driver setup program (as downloaded or from CD as above).

Once the driver is installed, go to Printers and Devices, right click on appropriate printer and select 'Printer Properties'

If the stock sizes are set to Inches any you want Millimeters, select the 'Tools', then 'Driver Options' then 'Regional options' and select the required option (or change Windows defaults)

On the 'General' tab select 'Preferences' and under the 'Page Setup' tab edit the 'User' setting in the 'Stock' section to ensure the dimensions are correct (normally Width = 56mm and Height to 25mm). Also on the 'Graphics' tab ensure 'Dithering' is set to 'None'. Also on the 'Stock' tab ensure 'Type' is set to 'Labels with Gaps' (the Gap Height is normally 2.5mm)



If the bar-codes are not scanning well and the print does not look very dark

Select  'Printer Preferences', select the 'Options' tab

Un-tick the 'User current printer settings' option and set the speed slower and the darkness higher.

If the label does not stop in the same place each time (eg: labels are wasted), then:

Ensure the 'Gap sensor' (green module under the label before it comes out) is in the centre

Ensure the label and gap size are set correctly

Ensure the label roll goes under the green arms to keep it low to the sensor

Re-calibrate the printer (see below)


Re-calibrate the Printer

This will re-calibrate the sensors and print out the current print settings

Turn off printer

Turn on printer while holding the feed button

Wait for the correct sequence of lights, it should go Amber, then flash Red 5 times, then flash Amber five times - Release it as it flashes amber 5 times

The printer should print out the current settings

Switch the printer off and then back on again.

Note: After this, each time you press the feed button it should feed exactly one label