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Unit Types

Unit Types

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Unit Types

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Unit Types are used to define which fields are needed for different Types of Unit. For example, a Motorcycle Unit may need a field which says Mileage, but this would not be required for a Cycle Unit. By creating different Types, you can create and manage an unlimited variation of Units.

There are many areas of the system where field names will change based on the Type Code.

Creating a new Type Code

To create a new Type Code, go to Items >> Units >> Types and click New. Now enter the name of the type, for example Motorcycle. You can then start to add the field names you require for each existing field. The text you enter in these fields will be displayed across the whole system when you are viewing Unit details.


NOTE: If you leave a field blank, then that field will not appear in the system when you select this type code.

Once you have finished adding all the fields you require, click Save to finalise the changes.

You can click Edit to make any further changes, or Delete to remove it from the system.

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