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Ordering / Receiving New Units

Ordering / Receiving New Units

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Ordering / Receiving New Units

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The process for ordering and receiving New Units is slightly different to Standard stock items.

During the process, you will be prompted to input unique unit identifying information such as VIN, Serial No, Colour, etc. You only have this option when you are receiving Items that have been selected as UNITS (New) during their initial creation.

The process of creating the New Unit Part Numbers is explained in the Creating New Units topic. Please read this topic first if you want to add Units to the system.

(Note: Unlike Standard parts, you cannot create Unit Part Numbers from within a Purchase Order)

Create a Unit Purchase Order

1.Go to Items >> Orders and click New in the left hand menu

2.You are greeted with the Contacts screen. Search for your supplier and double click their name record. This will specify who you are buying the Unit from.

3.Under the Lookup No column, on the first row, type the .N part number which applies to your Unit. (For example, .NCBR600). Press Enter and  it will be added to the order screen.

4.Now change the Order Qty in the Order column to determine how many of that Unit you are adding to your stock.

5.Now click Order on the left hand side. This will save the order to be received at a later date.


Note: You can click Auto- Receive before you click Order if you want to add the Units into stock instantly.

Receiving a Unit Purchase Order (Putting Units into stock)

1.Once you have Created a Unit Purchase Order, you can access it again by navigating to Items >> Orders, then finding it and double clicking it to re-open it.

2.Click Auto-receive to update the received quantity column.

3.Click Save (or Order).

4.A series of pop up windows will appear, the first one is to print or send the purchase order. Click OK to print, or Cancel to skip it.

5.The second window allows you to add a supplier invoice number and other costs. Either input this information, or click OK to skip it.

6.The third window only appears if you have selected New Unit when creating the stock item. This is where you can add the unique Unit information, such as serial number, VIN number, Cost and Sell price etc. Click OK to continue once you are happy with the information.

Note: Don't worry if you skip this stage, you can edit the unique information after the order process by going to Items >> Units >> Main Detail.

7.If you have received more than one model of Unit on one Purchase Order, the Confirm Unit Details window will appear again for each model, simply continue to add the unique information, or skip if you want to add it later.

8.The fourth pop up allows you to print a Good Received Note.

9.The fifth pop up allows you to print stock labels if you have a label printer set. Without a label printer, this window will not appear.