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Updating Stock from Price Books

Updating Stock from Price Books

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Updating Stock from Price Books

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You would normally want to match the price of any items in your stock 'Store' with these latest prices:

Select Items / Price Books and select which store you are updating from in the store selection box.

Select Maintenance and select Update Store from Price File.

Choose a Category to update.

You can select 'All categories' if you want to update everything with a matching  Part Number

You can select 'Matching Categories' if you want to only update records where the Category and Part Number match

Or you can select a single Category which will only update stock items with that Category and a matching Part Number

Choose a Store to Update

Confirm the fields you want to Update

Normally we would only update the Retail price

We would NOT normally update the Cost Price as this would set parts in stock to the latest cost price rather than the price they were actually purchased at. This would also normally increase the stock valuation considerably

Sometimes the Price Book is supplied with additional price fields in addition to Cost and Retail (For example a Trade price). These prices are put in the User Defined Price 1 and 2

The update will amend the selected information on any part numbers found in both the price book and the selected store.

Click OK to confirm.