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Updating Via Site Database

Updating Via Site Database

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Updating Via Site Database

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We have created several integrations connecting directly into a Web Sites database.

We can connect directly to Microsoft SQL or MySql databases.

Evopos Web-Link will normally need to:

Create or update the Product items in the remote web database

Maintain Groups / Categories for the navigation

Access orders from the remote web database and insert into a sales orders in Evopos


Updating the web site stock from Evopos

Due to the design variations and differing requirements for external developers the stock integration is the most difficult. Evopos has a Web store flag on each stock item. We can update Units, Parts or both. The system can send all items or just the ones that have been edited or the stock quantity changed since the last update.

The stock can be arranged by different criteria. This includes:

Main-Group, Sub-Group, Category (This is normally used for the main navigation)

Brand (Brand or Manufacturer)

Attributes (Can be anything but is normally used for models for application details)

The following fields are normally included

PartNo, ShortDescription, LongDescription, StockQty, RetailPrice, WebPrice, TaxRate, MainGroup, Sub-Group, Category, Brand, Attributes and up to 6 pictures


Receiving the orders back from the web site into Evopos

If the Order details can be accessed we can:

Check if the customer already exists and if not creates it

Import the order into Evopos as a sales order