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Warranty Jobs

Warranty Jobs

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Warranty Jobs

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Warranty Jobs can be on their own or combined with other Job(s) or a service

We recommend Warranty Jobs are processed as follows:

Before the Job is completed, recall the job and ensure any Warrant Labour and Parts lines are Marked as Warranty in Line Edit. This will zero the price on the customer invoice so it is obvious what has been done under warranty and the full information of the history remains with the Customer (and Unit).

Finish the Job as an Invoice to the Customer (even if the total is zero). At this stage Evopos will create a separate Warranty Sales Order for the Warranty elements to the Warranty company selected when marking as Warranty. You can process multiple Warranty Suppliers as it will create multiple Warranty Sales Orders

You would normally then Print the warranty Sales order(s) and process the Warranty as the supplier dictates.

When you get the confirmation of the amount the Warranty company is actually paying (it can often be different), you can recall the sales order, enter an adjustment amount (if required). You can then Save as an Invoice.

If the Warranty Company is going to pay you direct you can put on Account (Or Direct Deposit if already paid). If the Warranty Company is going to give you a credit to be used against other Purchases, you would Invoice using the Payment Method of Supplier Account. This will put a credit on the Purchase site for Honda which can be used to offset Parts invoices


Note: Ensure the Job Type on the Job record has been set to ‘Warranty’ for it to appear as a Warranty Job in Reports.