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Web-Sites (E-Commerce)

Web-Sites (E-Commerce)

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Web-Sites (E-Commerce)

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We currently offer two of our own customer focused web solutions

Evopos Portal - Uses a separate database that is updated on a click of a button or by an automated schedule

Evopos Live Site - Uses the live main Evopos database so there is no updating required and the data up-to-date.EVOPOS supports a range of 3rd party e-commerce solutions in addition to our own offerings as a service to our Evopos users.

We also integrate with many Third Party solutions including:

NOP Commerce



Big Commerce

Candy Press

Channel Grabber

Channel Advisor

Retail Direct

Visualsoft eCommerce


Our own range of Evopos E-Commerce / Web-Portal options are a great option especially if you want custom features at some time, or your require any of unique features. Advanced features include: Infinite price levels, Account sales, Variants, Sales Rep modes, Customer reporting and Project management. As we have full control over the development, we can build custom features for you.

Third party solutions give you a wide range of solutions that may have specific features you require.

It is normally quite easy to change between Web Solutions. This is mainly because of ease of populating web stores from the Evopos data. Normally all the data is just entered once in Evopos and it can be automatically uploaded to to Web Sites and other Trader e-commerce stores such as Ebay.

Any Web Store requires certain elements. You may have some of these already or you may have a IT or Web specialist who can organise some of them for you. We can do all of it for you, or liaise with your specialists and just help where needed:

Internet access – Most users will already have this

A Domain name to use – Eg: www.acmepowersports.com

Web Hosting – Must support the appropriate platform (ASP and Microsoft SQL Database for Evopos, NOP and CP)

Web Site – Use our free one, or pick one of the sites we support

Web Site setup – Setting up the hosting, database and publishing of the site

Evopos Web-Link module -  To automatically update stock and collect orders