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Update policy

Update policy

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Update policy

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We are always trying to improve Evopos and we really value your feedback and suggestions.

Evopos offers a guarantee: That if a user can suggest something that will be an overall improvement to Evopos, we will implement it free of charge.

We regularly release new versions of Evopos with new features, fixes and general improvements. All updates and general support are included as part your subscription.

The current version and build is displayed on the very top title line of Evopos. For example, EVOPOS - Ver: 2.09 (Build: 023) - <Company>

New Major Versions - We inform all registered users on the release of new major versions (For example when it goes up 2.?? to 3.??).

New Minor Versions - We inform all registered users on the release of these major new versions (For example when it goes up from 2.09 to 2.10)

New Beta Builds - We also release regular 'Beta' builds (For example when it goes up from 2.09.006 to 2.09.007). Note: These Beta build versions are not always subjected to our full quality testing so should be used with caution.


Users should be automatically emailed when a particular build includes a fix or feature you requested personally (If the Issue was reported on our Evopos Portal under your name and you have email notifications switched on).

Non-subscription users require a current support contact for updates.


List of changes

You can see all the changes to each version of Evopos from the Evopos Web Portal.

Open a web browser and go to http:\\evopos.com

If not already logged in, select login and input your login details (Register if you do not have Login details).

Select Portal and select the Changes tab

This will show a list of the changes in the most recent major version. To show changes in earlier version just change the version. Note Add the release to just show changes in a certain release eg: 2.06.056

We recommend that users update when we go up from each main version eg: from 2.05 to 2.06. You can update to the in-between beta versions eg: from 2.05 to 2.05.023 especially if you see a change that you particularly want, however these beta updates do not have the level of quality testing that we perform on our main updates

You can also see changes in other products (When they have been registered to you). Please contact support if you do not see the product you are looking for.


Portal Downloads

In the Portal you can also go to the Download section to see all the files (Updates, Custom Reports, Price Books, Drivers etc) that are available to you.

Note: If you do not see all the Price Books in the Download section, please contact Customer Services to have this service added to your account.