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Xero - Using

Xero - Using

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Xero - Using

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Once you have setup your Xero Integration, Evopos can upload your Sales, Debtors, Inventory information to Xero.

When updating Xero, Evopos will:

Create a Sales (Income) summary record with sales lines for each department.

Create a Payment record for the total of each payment method linked in Xero

Create a Debtors adjustment record for the difference between Sales and Payments

Create a Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) record for the total cost value on the Sales above, it will also reducing the Stock on Hand (STOCK) value.

Create a Bill record for any Trade-In taken, it will also increase the Stock on Hand (STOCK) value.


Currently we do this by Closing a batch. We we shortly be adding options to automatically do each previous day.


Updating by Closing a Batch

Navigate to Sales \ Options \ Close Batch

Enter the monies received or click auto receive

Click Run & Print/View

If using the private method you may have to enter the Authorisation Code

You can also upload previous batches by choosing the export option in previous batch.


Reconciling / Banking the Payments in Xero

You can view the Payments in Xero by selecting Reports / All Reports / Account Transactions (Under Detail reports). Then select the account for the Payment Method (under Assets).

Once the Banking appears on your reconciliation you can select Create on the Left side and select the Payment Account. This will create an entry in the Payment account reducing the balance.