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Xero is a popular cloud based Accounting app.

It's key features include:

Unlimited number of Users that can connect in from any device with a browser and the Internet

Advisors (Accountants) features that can help your accountant give you better and faster assistance

UK, US, AUS Payroll

Native Mobile Apps

Xero and Evopos work well together as Evopos has the wide range of advanced features such as inventory, pricing, scheduling, job control and Large Unit capabilities, and Xero has the Accounting interface that many accountants are familiar with and can easily access. There is no exporting and importing as Evopos can talk directly to Xero.

Currently you would enter the Sales and Payments received in Evopos. Evopos would then update Xero with a summary of the Sales figures, Payments received, Debtors, and Cost Of Goods Sold.

Evopos would have the sales information in a much more detailed format for comprehensive management reporting.

The Purchases, Expenses, Reconciliation and financial Accounts would normally be completed in Xero.

Note: Xero is designed to work best when Bank Feeds are implemented.