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Zebra Label Printers

Zebra Label Printers

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Zebra Label Printers

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The Zebra LP range of printers are good quality thermal bar-code label printers that takes standard label rolls. This makes them better value in the long run over the cheaper label printers that take proprietary labels.

LP2824 is the 2" (56mm) printer and LP2844 is a wider 4" printer.
Ensure you have the latest Printer Driver

If you have a CD that came with the Printer you could use that (Or you could download the latest - See below).

You can download from the manufacturer at: http://zebra.com/gb/en/support-downloads.html

You can also download from our Evopos Portal at: http://evopos.com (Login, then select Portal / Downloads)


Installing the Driver on the Computer connected to the Printer
Connect the printer to the power and computer, ensure labels are loaded and the printer is switched on
Run the downloaded Printer Driver Extract program. It should confirm the version and extract file to a location on your main drive.
Select the Port you will use (Normally USB001 for USB or LPT1 for Parallel cables) and select Next
You would normally un-tick options for FotDownloader and Status Monitor and select Finish
Once installed ensure the settings are correct as in the 'Confirm Printer Driver settings'

Also see Setting up Printers in Evopos

Confirm Printer Driver settings

Go to Devices & Printers (If not on Start Menu search or select from control panel).

Right click on the appropriate printer and select 'Printer Preferences' (Or select Properties and then Preference from the General tab.

Select the Options tab and for a good quality speed balance in Settings set 'Speed' to 5 and 'Darkness' to 9. In Paper confirm 'cm' and 'Portrait', in Size set Width=5.6 and Height=2.5 (Our most common label size)

Select the 'Advanced Setup' tab and ensure 'Top of form backup' is ticked, and set the 'Gap/Mark Height' to 1cm. You may also click the Calibrate option at the bottom (some labels will feed out but you can feed them back manually)

Then select OK and the printer should be ready to go.